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Kidz Birthday Parties

Kidz Birthday Party

Frequently Asked Questions

What activities are available?

Depending on the age group for the birthday party, we set activities, games and mini tours to suit and in consultaion with the host of the birthday party.

Train Rides are included throughout the birthday party times.

Catering or Self Catering?

We have catering provisions available to take the pressure off organising a birthday party. If you would prefer to self-cater with your friends, we are happy for you to do so. We also have party planners who will organise everything for you.

What is the cost?

This depends on the requirements, age group of guests and the number of guests to the party ( we have group concessions available).

It's best you contact us and provide an overview of people numbers, catering (if required) and age group. We'll sit down with you and work out a fun filled cost effective Birthday Party.

Is it only available 9 - 5

Not at all, we are available after normal business hours for birthday parties and other private events.